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First time Disneyland Paris

Last week we were with the four of us in Paris for a week, and today I want to show you a little impression of our first time Disneyland Paris.

With kids it’s almost like you can’t avoid this place. It draws families towards it and all your money as well :-).
Disney is a legend for kids and understands what to do, to make it interesting for young and old. I have been trying to avoid this place until now because it’s that commercial and expensive. I prefer the more natural and less touristic places. But on the other hand, I do also want to give my children the chance to experience something so magical as Disneyland.

You come into another world and experience small rides in the fairy tales we all know. You get a chance to come a little closer to fantasyland and immediately forget all the violence we have around the world.

The whole park is build up around the big pink castle from sleeping beauty; Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant.
That has become the symbol for the park I guess, and is a beautiful building with a lot of details. Its appearance is the most friendly, soft, cute and magical building of the whole park and rise above everything. Around the castle you find all different kinds of attractions, which are more or less scary for some children, but when you then take a look at the castle, which you can see from almost everywhere, everything is all right again.

Mickey mouse every where!

Wild attractions in the wild west!

Meeting up with best friends ever!

Cheshire Cat – Alice in wonderland

Space Mountain

Final extra ordinary show in the evening with spectacular effects and fireworks.

Every evening at 10 o’clock Disneyland ends the day with a spectacular light- and firework show. For a good place to watch it, you need to take your place at least 1 hour before the show begins. But it’s worth waiting for!

Up and around the castle you see light effects, fireworks and scenes from their favourite Disney movies. It’s truly amazing how they show everything on the castle and together with great sounds effects it makes a day in Disneyland ends perfectly.

I must admit that I am glad that we have finally visit Disneyland. It was a good experience, but I am not sure, if I need to go there again before I am old enough to take my grandchildren there. There are so many other parks all around which would be just as nice to explore and hopefully not as expensive as this one.

But for the moment we will stay in the world of Disney and dream and remember all the good and the bad characters from the stories and smile of a nice couple of day’s in a world of fantasy.

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