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Simple colorful girls room in the attic

Today I want to show you the room of my youngest daughter Emmelie. She has a Simple colorful girls room in the attic and I really love the room with its white walls and the colourful accents all around. The colours really pop out of the white and give a warm, happy and sweet feel to the room. Emmelie is 10 years old but still like to play with dolls and stuffed animals. She especially has a thing with stuffed animals and it seems like she can’t get enough of them. That is also why we went for these colours when we redecorated it last year.


My daughter’s bureau is placed behind a small wall, which is fastened to the table. It separates the room in two and prevents her for being distracted when she has to do her homework.

On the white wall we hang painted small shelves in the same colors as on the small wall, and the old wooden cupboard with a marmer plate also got a repaint in purple and now looks perfect for the room.

Night time:

Her bed is a bit hidden under the sloping walls and filled with books and stuffed animals in the corner where the camera couldn’t really come. She also has thin light grey curtains to close in the evening. It gives an even cosier and secure feeling and also keeps the mosquitos out at night in the summertime.

Next to her bed we have made a lounge/reading place with a lot of soft cushions in nice colours. A favourite place when girlfriends are over.


On the walls we have placed holes plates with hooks so she can hang sweet or funny stuff onto them. It keeps the room clean from clutter and looks great at the same time. We painted the plates in a basic grey colour which makes the colourful things hanging on to it, look even brighter.

In the cardholder we places a selection of simple cards to keep the look clean. They all have a nice text and two of them are made of wood. The good thing about the cardholder and the holes plates is that you can easily change the things or the cards if you want to look at something else.

I hope that you enjoyed the little tour in my daughters simple colorful room in the attic.
Soon I will show you my oldest daughter’s room, just next to this one. Almost the same size but totally different.








    • Marianne Norup Reply

      Thank you! Emmelie is also very happy with it.

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