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Simple colorful teenage room

Last week I showed you the room of my youngest daughter Emmelie. A sweet simple colourful girls room with soft colours.

Today I want to take you to the Simple colorful teenage room of my almost teenage daughter ‘Alieke’.
Alieke has started high school this year and so many things have change for her. New school, new friends, a lot of new teachers and lessons, plus that she is going into puberty and getting new interests.

Her room is for her very important, because she spends a lot of time there after school with her best friend, and she needs a calm place for making her homework.


She has a big desk with space for her laptop and books when she is doing her homework. But she can also do her homework here together with her best friend. Mostly they are sitting here planning or editing for their Youtube channel ‘Sophieke‘ If you are Dutch and curios of what they do there, I here give you the link to their funny channel. Lots of different things are happing there.


Alieke has change a lot in style the last year and doesn’t want it to be too sweet, but also not only black and white. That’s why the base colour ‘white’ works so well here with lightwood and black accents together with a splash of different matching colours on her bed. It is much easier to change a few cushions and decorating things than painting the whole room again in another colour. That’s why I prefer the white, which also make it so bright and fresh at the same time.


Some people say….. It’s all in the details!
I think that’s true. The smallest detail can make a big different in how complete a room looks like.
With the open board hanging on the wall, my daughter can easily change small details for something else.


Her little hanging dressing table next to her bed (which I love) is already starting to get too small for her. She is very much into beauty and likes to experiement with hair and makaup and can’t stop buying new things for that. I am actually just waiting for her to come and ask me when she can get a bigger dressing table 🙂


I am trying to hold her back a little bit, because I think that she is too young to wear so much makeup all the time. But on the other way, I will also like her to have the space to experiment and develop her own style and opinions. I think the best solution is to slowly guide her and let her do her stuff the way she want it, as long as it doesn’t get too crazy off course. I have a feeling that she is strong and cleaver enough to handle it this way.

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