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Do you recognize this, that you suddenly notice that something really needs to be painted at home? You didn’t notice it before (even though it properly has been like that for some time) but for you it just looks awful now and you know what to do! I got that feeling a few weeks ago with our stairway and hall. My husband hates painting and is not very good at it anyway, so I made my own plan and got started with my new project here at home. Stairway renovation!

But when you start on one thing you see that other things need to be done as well, and so the project gets bigger and bigger. I first wanted to do the stairs + the walls. But now I am doing that + painting 7 doors. We have bought new door handles and banisters for the stairs and I am looking for a new coat rack + thinking about how to style it all in a new way. But even though it’s a big project I like it. It has been a while since I have been painting inside the house and I love to do it myself. Love to be able to do it myself and create something nice and homey.

The pictures you see here are from before I started. At the moment I am in the middle of painting it all and will show you more pictures of my renovation when I am a little bit further. Now everything is just getting messy and dusty and white and is not very interesting.

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