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Simple colorful girls room in the attic Today I want to show you the room of my youngest daughter Emmelie. She has a Simple colorful girls room in the attic and I really love the room with its white walls and the colourful accents all around. The colours really pop out of the white and give a warm, happy and sweet feel to the room. Emmelie is 10 years old but still like to play with dolls and stuffed animals. She especially has a thing with stuffed animals and it seems like she can’t get enough of them. That is also why we went for these colours when we redecorated it last year. Bureau: My daughter’s bureau is placed behind a small wall, which is fastened to the table. It separates the room in two and prevents her for being distracted when she has to do her homework. On the…

New start, new logo, new working space 2017 is for me the year for a new start, a new look for my blog and a new working space. A place which can give me peace and inspiration for creating new things. Therefore I am so happy with my new work area/home studio. I just can’t wait to get my fingers on all the idea’s that I have flying around in my head and to work them all out right here. The final result is a very fresh and light room with a touch of Scandinavian to it. What have happend? First of all I have got a nice long desk for my computer and my sewing machine. The table now looks so much more tidy and clean, that I hope that I can keep that look. Secondly my back wall is decorated with wallpaper with a simple black and…

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