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I have now been living in Holland for 20 years, but one think never change I guess and that is the love for Danish pastry. I just love the Danish bakery. It’s quite different from the Dutch one, but luckily I can make the most things myself here in Holland and today I was in a mood for the Cinnamon roll. Cinnamon rolls are so delicious!! A little bit hard on the outside but soft and sweet on the inside. What I particular like about them is the spice Cardamom that is inside the dough. It gives it a special taste together with the cinnamon. Today I wanted to try something new with the rolls. I wanted to add some apple to some of them. (I saw it somewhere on the internet and thought it could be nice to try) I split the portion of dough in two. One with…

Leftovers! I think we all now and then have some leftovers from our dinners, and most of the times I think it’s a pity to through it out just because it’s not enough for another meal for the whole family. I have here found a great way ‘What to do with leftovers’ in another meal and it almost doesn’t matter what kind of meal you have left. You can use this recipe in so many ways and combine it with extra vegetables or what you have in your kitchen cabinets ( rice, couscous, pasta or with different kind of cheese.) This time I had a leftover of pasta with pomkin and gorgonzola. The dish was perfect as it was, but we couldn’t eat it all and what was left wasn’t enough for all 4 of us the next evening. So I decided to make a Quiche with the leftover. Leftovers:…

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