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Easy wrapping tip with great effect

This weekend we had a 9 year old birthday party.
Going to a birthday party sometimes comes with a challenge in finding the right present. But this time it was luckily not that difficult. It was a birthday girl and that makes it for me so much easier to find something special. I have two girls myself, so I am use to all that girly stuff and kind of know what is hot and what is not.

A second challenge that I like to take is wrapping the present in a special way. Make it interesting before you see what you really get. You can buy all kind of nice things to decorate your presents with, but I prefer to do it my way and not too expensive. After all the wrapping always get thrown away after it has been unwrapped and I find it kind of a waste of money to spend a lot of money on it then. But still I like to trigger people and handle them a present that looks nice and interesting.
I love the simple brown craft paper they also use for deliveries and mail. It is very strong and is perfect for decorating on as well. With some big letters and a few drawings you very easy make it look more inviting and special. You easily see that it is made by hand and that is also the effect that you want. Most people like to see that you have made an effort to give them something special. I decided to wrap two other gifts in different kind of wrapping paper and them tired them together under one ribbon. Girls mostly like colours and patterns and these colours and patterns combine very well together.

On the internet you can find all kind of drawing-idea’s. Most of them you can find under the searchword ‘chalkboard idea’s’ .




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