Face masks production

Alieke and I have started a little production of face masks here at home.

We both needed something to do. She was bored and finished with school. Only waiting to hear that she has passed. She got lazier and lazier and watched a lot of Snapchat, movies and I don’t know what.

I wanted to activate Alieke to some kind of a project. It was obvious that she couldn’t do it on her own, so I got the idea of doing something together with her. I wanted to get her motivated again. The best solution for her would actually be a job outside the house. But at the moment it’s impossible for her to find one.

Therefore I came up with the idea of doing a face masks production with her. In September she starts a new education in fashion and sewing clothes and with this project, she could learn starts learning something about that, be busy with something useful and at the same time earn a little bit of money.

Production at home

She liked the idea and we started looking for what kind of model and fabrics to use. Within a little bit more than a week we have made around 80 face masks in different sizes and colors. It has been very fun and cozy being able to do this together and I see that she is learning and getting better with every step she is taking. We have had some issues here and there with the techniques, but that’s understandable when something is new. I think we have come up with a product which is fine for the price we are selling it for.

Different sizes

We have face masks in 3 different sizes. Small, Medium, and Large. We have adjustable elastic for behind the ears and a metallic nose wire for a closer and better fit. At last there is a pocket in the lining for a filter of own choice.

If you go to the shop you will find al the face masks we have made and in which size they are available. We will add more in time if we sell out. If you can’t find what you are looking for we will gladly make one on request.

Furthermore I will like to notice that we have decided to only sell the face masks here in Holland and the face masks are also only for personal use. Not medical!

Wear the mask in the following situations:

  • With close contact with others
  • In public transportation
  • In the supermarket
  • When visiting vulnerable people or if you yourself are at risk.

Nb. The cap does not protect yourself, but the people around you (if you are infected with the corona virus but do not know it yourself). Wearing a mouth mask is an addition to existing measures, which must always be followed carefully.

Alieke and I truly hope you will like and buy our face masks. They come for a very reasonable price and have a nice fit to the face. All the fabrics are 100% cotton and nicely thin and light.

Take a look here and have a nice and safe day

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