Girly Night lamp DIY

Today I want to share with you a great way to recycle stack blocks into a girly night lamp. This DIY is one of 20 different DIY’s you can find in my new book ‘Well Used’

This is a lamp that undoubtedly will give you a smile on your face when you look at it. Full of happy images which you can not keep your eyes off. Made with calm colours to give it a beautiful overall look. With this lamp, you can easily go “to the moon and back”.

Where to find

The wooden stack blocks are very common blocks you easily can find in a thrift store or perhaps on a market in your neighbourhood. These blocks I found in a thrift store in my village. They look very used, dirty and old and not very appeling for a child to play with. But they have potential and deserve a second chance to look good again.

This is what you will need for making this lamp:

  • 1 set of hollow pile blocks
  • Different images
  • Carbon paper/adhesive tape
  • Scissors, pencil
  • Drilling machine
  • Wood glue
  • Primer (water-based)
  • Satin paint (water-based)
  • Brushes, different sizes
  • Sponges
  • Permanent markers, markers
  • Fitting lamp
  • Hollow screw pipe
  • Lamp string
  • Energy-saving lamp / Incandescent lamp
Nursery with a night lamp


If you choose different images, as I have done here, you will have to deal with different painting techniques to achieve the desired result. Think of sponges, coloring small figures with permanent markers or using thin fine brushes, rollers and templates. Depending on what you want to paint on the lamp, it’s wise to try different techniques first on an other surface so that you do not make to many mistakes on your real lamp.

Girly Night lamp DIY:

  • Start by looking for pictures that you want to paint on the blocks. Pinterest is a very good source of inspiration for this. Look for example for “artwork children”. Copy the images, scale for desired size, print them out and cut them to size.
  • Stick the images lightly on the blocks to see how it will look. Puzzle around to get a nice overall picture. 
Set-up for painting stack blocks
  • Sand the blocks well, make them dust free and paint them with a primer.
  • Sand them again and paint the surfaces in the base colour of your chosen images. (see fig. 3)
stack blocks in a primer
  • Start transferring the images with carbon paper onto the blocks (Carbon paper is a type of coated paper designed to transfer information written on the front onto sheets beneath ). Then start with painting and drawing and be patient. I use different size of brushes and sometimes permanent markers for the finer work.
Brushes, markers, fineliners
  • When all sides are painted and dry as desired, it’s time to drill holes in the blocks for the cord.
Painted stack blocks
Night lamp
  • First, measure the centre of each block and then drill a hole through it. The bottom block must have a larger hole that is large enough for the hollow screw pipe. The screw pipe is needed for the strength of the lamp so that it’s not just hanging in the lamp string.
Stack block lamp with wire
  • Screw the hollow screw pipe to the bottom block.
Fitting lamp Hollow screw pipe
  • Connect the socket at the end of the lamp string (leave it to someone who knows how to prevent dangerous situations), then screw it onto the hollow screw tube.
Lamp from onder with fitting lamp
  • Now connect the lamp string through the rest of the blocks before glueing them together with wood glue.
Stack block lamp with wire
  • Allow everything to dry properly before you hang the lamp.


Exited about this DIY? Try my DIY book ‘Well Used’ which is available right here.

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