New workspace

Today I want to show you my New workspace. A couple of month ago we decided to move around with a few of our rooms here at home. The girls were both having their own rooms at the attic and that quit often didn’t go very well. There was a lot of irritation and angry arguments about almost nothing. It went from bad to worse and made us all very frustrated and irritated and therefore we decided to do something different about it.

We decided that one of them had to move a floor down so they weren’t that often close to each other. The best choice was to move Emmelie the youngest. She would have to swop room with me on the first floor. My workspace/sewing room would then go upstairs and be next to Alieke’s room. The reason why this was the best choice is because Alieke in September starts a new school within fashion. There she will learn to sew and design and having her room next to mine would be perfect for her. That way she can easily use my space as well for her schoolwork.

For me, it meant that I would get a smaller room, but also much more light. It’s really bright and light up here and with a very good planning I manage to get all my stuff in here, which I didn’t think was possible, and I am actually very happy with my new space here.


Reuse of Ikea Shelf unit

I have a high cutting table on one side which is actually my old Ikea shelf unit split into two parts so that I have drawers on each side of the table. With strong wheels underneath it makes it moveable and flexible if I need more space on one side.

I have had these shelf units for years now and they are really so practically for a room like this where `I need a lot of storage. I also love to reuse what we have so there will be as little as possible to throw away.

Sewing table

One the other side of my room I have two different places. The first one is my sewing table and under the sloping wall, I use a second Ikea shelf unit that I had also split into two for all my storage.

At last, in a small corner, I have my computer desk. Tucked away from too much daylight which would reflect into the screen. Not very big but for me it’s perfect. Enough room for sitting comfortable and some extra space for paperwork next to the computer.

Surreal time

I am really happy with my new working space and I can imagine that I will spend a lot of time here in the following period we have to go through with the Coronavirus. Being busy with something creative can get my mind of all the sadness that is happing around us at the moment. I think we all need some sort of distraction and points of light to be able to go through this surreal time.

Have a nice weekend everybody!

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