(Pasta with spinach – favourite dish of my youngest daughter)

This is a very child-friendly dish which is also very easy to make. It has been my youngest daughter
Emmelie’s favourite dish for years already and I make it quite often.

You may notice that there is white wine in the dish and you might think that it isn’t good for children.
But no worries! The alcohol will evaporate and only leave a nice flavour to the dish. (You can also
replace the wine with a balsamic vinegar, but then you only need a couple of tablespoons instead of
a dl. The dish will then get a more darker-brown colour, but taste great anyway)

What do you Need
(for 4 persons)

1 red onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 dl white wine
300 gram spinach
1 dl milk
200 gram creme fraiche
120 gram parmesan cheese

300 gram bacon in cubes

This is what you do:

•    Fill a pan with water and some bouillon of green herbs or vegetables and bring it to boil.
(the bouillon will give the pasta a nice flavour)
•    Start with cutting the red onion and the cloves of garlic into small pieces.
•    Sauté garlic and onions in about 2-3 minutes in a hot pan with a splash of olive oil and
then add the white wine. (Let it cook for about 5 minutes so it will absorb all the alcohol
and get a thicker consistency
•    Add all the spinach into the pan and sauté it together with the onion and garlic for a
couple of minutes until the spinach has slinked.
•    Pour the mixture into a food processor and blend it all together into a smooth thick
green mixture.
•    Now leave the mixture and start cooking the bacon cubes nice and crispy. (You don’t
need to add any oil into the pan for cooking the bacon. It contains enough fat itself)
•    When the bacon is brown and crispy you place it on a plate with some kitchen paper to
absorb the fat from the cubes. Leave them to cool down.
•    Now you put your pasta into your pan and cook them for as long as recommended on
the packaging.
•    While the pasta is cooking you put your spinach mixture into the pan again on low
temperature and then add the milk, cremefraise and the most of the fine graded
Parmesan cheese. (leave a little bit for serving the plates.)
•    And that is about it! You don’t need to add any slat to the dish because the cheese is
very salty and the bacon as well.
•    We always serve it with first pasta on a plate or in a bowl, then the green spinach sauce
over the paste, bacon cubes and some Parmesan cheese to finish it of with.
•    Bon appetite!

NB. If you want to print the recipe ‘Pasta with spinach’ you can click on the hole instruction for a PDF file or you can click here.



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