Scary vampire girl for carnival

Carnival is around here in Holland and my youngest daughters big wish is to be dressed like a Scary vampire girl. She has been watching a program on the television lately with a girly vampire and she wanted to be something like her. Together we looked through Pinterest and found the look she wanted.

“Mum! Will you please make a costume like that for me?? Please!!!”

No way around. No excuses!! I knew what I had to do. My daughter wanted to be a scary vampire girl and she needed my help. Lucky for her I also love to make costumes and in one day I made her this costume. She was so happy with it, and the other day we dressed her up with all the makeup for the perfect look as well. Tomorrow (Tuesday) they are celebrating carnival at school and then she is going to wear this costume. She is very excited about it.

Scary carnival girl

Scary carnival girl

I think she looks very scary and serious on the pictures. She is really going into her character but is actually for real nothing like a scary vampire. So I wanted to give you this last picture as well to show you that she can also look friendly as well as a vampire.

Sweet scary carnival girl


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