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Finally I can show you my finished result of my stairway renovation. It has been 3 weeks by now and normally it shouldn’t take that long to finish this kind of job, but we had some small problems here and there.

For example for the banisters I order some special holders, but didn’t like them when we placed them, so we had to look for some new ones and wait for them to come. The system we have made for our coats we also had to wait for. And I thought I had found a great coat/hat holder on the internet (second hand) but when I picked it up it didn’t look that great anyway, so I had to look for another one there as well.

But now I am very happy with the result. It has become nice and bright again, and I love the dark banister as a contrast to the white. Further I think that the painting I made a month ago looks perfect on top of the stair.

Stairway renovation




In the hallway downstairs I luckily found a hat/scarf holder in a second hand shop near by for only 2 euro’s, and the little closet by the front door has got a leather grip which I think match the industrial tube clamps for the coats perfectly.

Upstairs we have got new a new lamp and all doors have new handles and lock for the bathroom.

Now that this stairway renovation is done, I unfortunately see that there are other places in the house that also really need to be more fresh and nice again like the stairway. So I have a feeling that I am not quite done with painting yet. Do you recognize that feeling? πŸ™‚



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