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Have you ever tried the ultimate green smoothie formula? If not, today might be the perfect day to try it. It’s Monday a new start of the week and it can be a new start to eat more healthy food. I love smoothies but don’t make it as much as I want to. I have decided to make a change in that and have found a lot of different recipes for smoothies. The other day I made this green smoothie made out of almond milk, spinach, banana, avocado and dry figs. It was amazingly delicious and gave me a boost for more. The recipe I found on Pinterest but can’t find it from it’s original website. I hope I do not offend anyone by showing the formula for a perfect smoothie here on my blog. Another good thing about making a smoothie is that is it so easy! Of course…

In my search for healthy snacks I found this recipe; spinach and sweet potato muffin. I gave it a try and I absolutely love them. They are lightly clammy with a little bit sweetness from the potato and saltyness from the Parmesan cheese. Very healthy and full of flavours. If you want to try them yourself I here leave you the recipe. They are very easy to make and the preparation cost you only about 30-40 minutes. Ingredients: 100 g young spinach leaves 180 g flour 3 tsp baking powder 150g sweet potato (peeled and grated) 60 g sun-dried tomatoes (pot drained and cut into pieces) 30 g parmesan cheese (grated) 2 eggs 150 ml skimmed milk 2 tbsp olive oil muffin pan with 12 holes greaseproof paper What to do: Line the muffin pan with baking paper. Cut 24 squares from the greaseproof paper and place 2 on top of…

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